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Teachings after Sri Sai Kaleshwar

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5 ELEMENTS (Panchabhuta) Process: Through the 5 Elements - Earth, Fire, Water, Ether and Air - we are charging and purifying those elements within ourselves.
PARAMASHIVA YOGA: Is a system based on mantras, which we charge in order to open specific healing channels.
SRI CHAKRA Process: This process includes a yantra (creation yantra), which includes all of the female Goddesses and the entire creation. It has the power to manifest.
HOLY WOMB Process: One of many benefits of this amazing process is to clear and create peace in past and present relationships.
DATTA KRIYA Process: For creating strong protection circles especially against negativity and black magic.

Are very holy, ancient and powerful channels, also called the “Saptarishi Channels,” which can be used to create power spots and develop the capability to soul travel and much more…

CHANDRA NADI and SURYA NADI Process: Connect to the power of the Moon and Sun.
Self-Healing Techniques / Methods for Decharging Energy
Vaastu (Basics) Vedic science of architecture and habitation, and how the interaction of the elements and cardinal directions influence our lives
Learning to draw Yantras

Sri Chakra, Womb Chakra, Sun and Moon Yantras, Soul Yantra, Sudarshana Chakra, and others

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